Tightline Studio

Outdoor and Flyfishing Art by Josh Udesen

  •  Taimen


  •  Baja Casting

    Baja Casting

  •  Mexican Flats

    Mexican Flats

  •  Blue Water Bonito

    Blue Water Bonito

  •  Baja Hook Up

    Baja Hook Up

  •  Mongolia


  •  Taimen


  •  Mongolian Taimen

    Mongolian Taimen

  •  Way far north in the midnight sun

    Way far north in the midnight sun

  •  Alaska leopard rainbow

    Alaska leopard rainbow

  •  Mongolia


  •  Chewbacca Taimen

    Chewbacca Taimen

  •  Snake River Steel

    Snake River Steel

  • Delger Moron Mongolia

  •  Larry, Mo and Curly on the Mo

    Larry, Mo and Curly on the Mo

  •  Oregon Brown

    Oregon Brown

  •  Puerto Vallarta Toro

    Puerto Vallarta Toro

  •  MFC and a brown

    MFC and a brown

  •  Double up on the Nush

    Double up on the Nush

  •  Amy with a silver

    Amy with a silver

  •  Class V = big fish

    Class V = big fish

  •  Hunting on the Deschutes

    Hunting on the Deschutes

  •  SF Brown

    SF Brown

  •  Scoping for some Roosters

    Scoping for some Roosters

  •  Waiting for the take

    Waiting for the take

  •  Salmon River Steel

    Salmon River Steel

  •  Alaska Double

    Alaska Double

  •  Leopard


  •  Shut up and fish

    Shut up and fish

  •  May redside

    May redside

  •  First rainbow for Syd

    First rainbow for Syd

  •  Big fish = big smiles

    Big fish = big smiles

  •  The best netter in the business

    The best netter in the business

  •  Todd's Toad

    Todd's Toad

  •  El Toro

    El Toro

  •  Todd's Toad

    Todd's Toad

  •  Shad's Toad

    Shad's Toad

  •  Blondie fishing

    Blondie fishing

  •  Fresh Chinook

    Fresh Chinook

  •  Chinook


  •  Chrome Chinook

    Chrome Chinook

  •  Oregon small river steel

    Oregon small river steel

  •  Dinner


  •  Running down the man

    Running down the man

  •  Solid Toro

    Solid Toro

  •  Rooster bat mobile

    Rooster bat mobile

  •  Goose on Hells Canyon

    Goose on Hells Canyon

  •  One of many Snake River Steel

    One of many Snake River Steel

  •  Dug Bar beast

    Dug Bar beast

  •  Sportfish of the future

    Sportfish of the future

  •  Beast


  •  CraneBow


  •  Sucker love

    Sucker love

  •  Deschutes Steel

    Deschutes Steel

  •  Mining for steel

    Mining for steel

  •  SF FIsh on

    SF FIsh on

  •  Granite - Hell's Canyon

    Granite - Hell's Canyon

  •  Boise River Steel

    Boise River Steel

  •  Amy hucking some line

    Amy hucking some line

  •  FIshing Dogs

    FIshing Dogs

  •  The magic camp

    The magic camp

  •  SF Brown

    SF Brown

  •  Beaverhead lazy boy

    Beaverhead lazy boy

  •  Goose awaiting a fish

    Goose awaiting a fish

  •  Upper Lake Sockeye

    Upper Lake Sockeye

  •  Freeway Brown

    Freeway Brown

  •  Silver


  •  Father's Day Fish

    Father's Day Fish

  •  BEAST from the Salmon

    BEAST from the Salmon

  •  High Mountain Rainbow

    High Mountain Rainbow

  •  Helper


  •  Keep the bull trout wet

    Keep the bull trout wet

  •  Below the high water mark

    Below the high water mark

  •  Isla Blanca Tarpon

    Isla Blanca Tarpon

  •  Scoping for Tarpon

    Scoping for Tarpon

  •  Drop in

    Drop in

  •  Late Steelhead

    Late Steelhead

  •  MF Cutty Fishing

    MF Cutty Fishing

  •  Baja Rooster

    Baja Rooster

  •  Bully Trout Release

    Bully Trout Release

  •  Central Idaho Bow

    Central Idaho Bow

  •  Lake Pig

    Lake Pig

  •  Pre-Granite


  •  GR Love

    GR Love

  •  NZ Beast

    NZ Beast

  •  NZ Todd's Toad

    NZ Todd's Toad

  •  NZ Bow

    NZ Bow

  •  Best Catch Ever

    Best Catch Ever