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Outdoor and Flyfishing Art by Josh Udesen


Although I specialize in creating paintings and drawings of the fish you catch, I've also worked with clients to create images specific to their individual needs, from landscape to your family dogs, I am happy to talk to you about what you are interested in. Please contact me regarding your specific interests.

Catch the memory of your fish

I love the opportunity to take an image of a fish someone caught and make a painting or drawing of the special moment. What better way to remember a great day in the field and a memorable experience

Typically the pricing is based on the subject matter, the medium and the elements of the work. Please inquire about the specifics of the art you are interested in and I am happy to give you specifics. For instance, a creation of a fish with a flat background on a 20" x 36" canvas starts at approximately $2000 and goes up from there. A drawing of a fish with some color on an 18" x 24" illustration board is around $600. Add a portrait to the drawing starting at around $100 in addition to the price of the image. The following are just examples to and there are many variations that impact the image and the price, please contact me.

I am also very willing to take an idea from an existing painting and create a similar image of a different size or focus. So if you like a particular piece I've already created please inquire about the possibility of creating something similar.

Typically I require a downpayment once an idea and focus has been agreed upon. The amount is typically a 1/3 of the cost of the final painting or drawing. The down payment is non refundable once the painting or drawing is started.

If you are interested in "Catch and Release" paintings and drawings please look at my gallery.

Payment can be made using a cash / check, pay-pal or a credit card.

Final prices quotes will also include the prices for shipping and handling. If purchasing in Idaho, sales taxes will be included.

Drawing Commissions:
Combining either pen, ink & graphite or
Pen, ink & a watercolor wash

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Pen, Ink and Graphite Wash

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Pen, ink and a light watercolor wash

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Pen, ink, watercolor and a graphite wash for the background

Pen, ink and graphite wash

Acrylic on a wood panel -

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Provide a photograph and an acrylic painting of virtually any size can be created from the image

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Include separate or individual images with a portrait to make the memory specific to a day on the river.

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Send separate images and I can combine them for a single image.

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