Tightline Studio

Outdoor and Flyfishing Art by Josh Udesen

  • "In & Out" 24" x 36" acrylic on birch

  •  Two of a Kind

    Two of a Kind

  •  Another Day

    Another Day

  •  B-Run Steelhead

    B-Run Steelhead

  •  Better Luck Next Time

    Better Luck Next Time

  •  Bitterroot Rainbow

    Bitterroot Rainbow

  •  Pass Out - 48

    Pass Out - 48" x 96"

  •  Flood Tide

    Flood Tide

  •  Bonefish Flats

    Bonefish Flats

  •  Brenna's Brookie

    Brenna's Brookie

  •  Nymph Box

    Nymph Box

  •  Leopard Rainbow

    Leopard Rainbow

  •  Brook Trout Study #1

    Brook Trout Study #1

  •  Brown Drake Hatch

    Brown Drake Hatch

  •  Brown in the Green

    Brown in the Green

  •  Cruisin'


  •  Cutty in the Net

    Cutty in the Net

  •  Desert Gold

    Desert Gold

  •  Tarpon Dreams

    Tarpon Dreams

  •  Dreams of Trout

    Dreams of Trout

  •  Keep 'Em Wet

    Keep 'Em Wet

  •  Emergence


  •  Grayling


  •  High Mountain Brookie

    High Mountain Brookie

  •  Hopper Box

    Hopper Box

  •  March Rainbow

    March Rainbow

  •  Miles to Go

    Miles to Go

  •  November Blues

    November Blues

  •  Moby of the Madison

    Moby of the Madison

  •  September Brown

    September Brown

  •  Purple Haze

    Purple Haze

  •  Rainbow Bright

    Rainbow Bright

  •  Rainbow Release

    Rainbow Release

  •  Rise


  •  Salmo Trutta

    Salmo Trutta

  •  Spring Creek Stealth

    Spring Creek Stealth

  •  The Big One

    The Big One

  •  Spring Brown

    Spring Brown

  •  Trout Dreams II

    Trout Dreams II

  •  Trout Dreams V

    Trout Dreams V

  •  Two of a Kind

    Two of a Kind

  •  In the Net

    In the Net

  •  Patagonia Rainbow

    Patagonia Rainbow

  •  Full Tarpon

    Full Tarpon

  •  Permit


  •  Idaho Sockeye

    Idaho Sockeye

  •  Del's Steelhead

    Del's Steelhead

  •  Goose and the Brown

    Goose and the Brown

  •  The Return

    The Return

  •  Yellowstone Cutthroat

    Yellowstone Cutthroat

  •  Melinda Rainbow

    Melinda Rainbow

  •  Brown Release

    Brown Release

  •  Deschutes Crome

    Deschutes Crome

  •  Rainbow and Orange

    Rainbow and Orange

  •  Madison Bow

    Madison Bow

  •  Brown Flank

    Brown Flank

  •  Rainbow Flank

    Rainbow Flank

  •  Gill Plate - Rainbow

    Gill Plate - Rainbow

  •  Tarpon Study

    Tarpon Study

  •  Tarpon Scales

    Tarpon Scales

  •  Ripple


  •  Deschutes Redside

    Deschutes Redside

  •  Nush Rainbow

    Nush Rainbow

  •  Dolly Varden

    Dolly Varden

  •  Pen and Ink Brown

    Pen and Ink Brown

  •  Sea Run Brown

    Sea Run Brown

  •  Chromer


  •  Cutthroat Spots

    Cutthroat Spots

  •  Extreme Brown

    Extreme Brown

  •  Snake River Steel

    Snake River Steel

  •  Late Season Dolly

    Late Season Dolly

  •  Abstract Brown

    Abstract Brown

  •  Rainbow Cheek

    Rainbow Cheek

  •  Patagonia Rainbow

    Patagonia Rainbow

  •  Rainbow


  •  Yellowstone Brown

    Yellowstone Brown

  •  Montana Brown

    Montana Brown

  •  Patagonia Tarpon

    Patagonia Tarpon